Care UV-C cabinet 2100


Bruv-co Care UV-C cabinets are fully integrated systems with a powerful lamp configuration, an integrated UV protection and integrated reflectors.  The Care UV-C cabinets are made entirely from aluminum, a robust and easy-to-clean material

The design increases its versatility, making it adaptable for use in a number of applications.  The Care UV-C Cabinet 2100 offers an efficient germicidal disinfection solution for clothes, disposable coveralls ,tools (care sector and industry) & audiovisual equipment in a safe and convenient way

The system comes with a safety interlock preventing unwanted UV exposure outside the system

The Bruv-co retail cabinets can easily be integrated in your existing environment

Disinfection is possible without the use of chemicals

The use of these cabinets contributes to the sustainable use of disposable materials

Made in Belgium

System Characteristics

· The cabinets offer an optimal UV Dose throughout the cabinet volume. providing reliable & efficient disinfection with integrated timer.

· The cabinets provide powerful disinfection results with replaceable UV lamps. Each lamp has is a lifetime of up to 9,000 hour .

· The cabinets comes with an integrated timer and a door with safety interlock preventing unwanted UV exposure outside the system

· Enhancement of UVGI effectiveness is achieved through the use of materials that are highly reflective in the UV spectral range.

· Servicing is easy


· Aluminum  exterior

· Aluminum interior

· Outside dimensions (L x W x H) : 800 x 600 x 2100 mm

· Volume : 2100 Liters

· 3 positions to hang clothes or coveralls

· Supports available to position masks or other equipment on different levels

· Powersupply is 50/60 Hz

· Lamps : 2 x 4 x 55W (up to 2 x 4 x 95W possible)

· Input watt : 440 W

· UV-C output Watt : 140 W

· AMPS max load @ 230 V

· CE certificate

· Model with window & safety interlock